Starting a Business – 5 Personal Inventory Audits to Help You Launch Your Business Startup

Starting a business appears to be as American as apple pie. Every year, tens of thousands of people in the United States decide to launch their own business start up. If you are thinking of doing the same thing, you probably need some help in deciding exactly what type of business you should start.

In over 9 years of being a business adviser and coach, I have helped numerous entrepreneurs make decisions like this with a special set of tools known as personal inventory audits. These personal inventory audits are simple sessions where you think specifically about a particular life area and create a list of assets. Here are 5 simple audits you can perform on yourself to help you decide on the business startup of your dreams.

1. Audit your Skills and Competencies

Starting a business related to skills you have means that you can be your own employee. These may be broader professional skills, or technical skills or even leadership skills. When you establish a company that delivers a skill set that you understand, you can manage your employees based on your first hand knowledge of what they do.

2. Audit your Experiences

The experiences you have been through in your personal or business life can form the foundation of a new company. Whether these are nominally negative or positive experiences does not matter. In seminars and workshops, I instruct people to “turn tears into gold” by repackaging their experiences (and lessons learned) for the marketplace of people who may be going through similar situations.

3. Audit Proximities

By proximities, I mean that you should audit and create a list of people, places, products, or philosophies that are near and dear to you. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What can I partner with these people to offer?
  • What do these people do well that I can sell?
  • What are the places I’m familiar with well known for?
  • What do I know about this product that many others need to know but do not?
  • How many others could use these philosophies I have been adhering to?

These types of questions serve to jog your thinking into action and to help you discover hidden opportunities for doing business.

4. Audit your Hobbies

If you have outdoor hobbies like extreme sports or hiking and mountain climbing, you can leverage your knowledge of these areas to start a related business. Not only could you start an equipment or accessory supply business, you could start an internet-based business where you sell valuable information to fellow hobbyists. The internet is also a great business platform if your hobby is an indoor activity like embroidery or scrapbooking.

5. Audit your Professional Knowledge

Do you have professional credentials? If so you could start a business in your area of expertise. An accounting professional I know recently started a bookkeeping business to help business owners in a very specific niche. This is a great way to leverage the work you have already done and the experience you have already built in your professional life.


Starting a business can be one of the most exciting but challenging experiences of your life. You can increase the chances of your business reaching the point of ultimate success that you define by building a business according to your core strengths. Learning to conduct regular personal audits gives you a great measure of control in your decision-making.

These personal inventory audits are not so much exercises in starting a business as they are tools for building self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge is something you will need to make sure that starting a business does not become something you deeply regret down the road. Whether you are in charge of a business startup or you are leading a corporate unit within an established company, gaining this kind of self-knowledge makes you a more effective leader – a more effective leader for your business organization, and a more fulfilled person in life.

Knowing How To Launch Your Product The Correct Way

There are countless ways that this can benefit your launch, so read on and we’ll look at a few of the ways that launching rather than releasing under the radar can make all the difference to your sales.

The first reason you want to create a product launch is that this will create hype and buzz. And by creating hype and buzz, you’ll be able to ensure that people are more receptive to your product when it eventually goes live.

The best way to make people want something is to tell them they have to wait. This also gives them time to save the cash and generally, it means that when the product goes live, a lot of people are going to buy then and there.

Believe it or not, a product launch can help you to build authority. Simply by launching a product rather than releasing it quietly, you make that product seem far more desirable and much more interesting and this ultimately means you’re likely to get many more sales when it eventually goes live.

Affiliates love a product launch, so if you want an army of professional marketers to help you get the word out and build more buzz for your product, then doing a launch is one of the very best ways to accomplish that.

Verifying an audience is a very important thing to do before you launch any product. In other words, you need to ensure that there are people out there who actually want to buy your product before you go ahead and spend time developing it. By having a product launch and a build-up to that launch, you’ll be able to consult your audience and ensure that they actually want to see your product before you spend a lot of time and effort to make it happen. You can ask your audience for ideas and essentially end up making the exact product that they request, thereby essentially guaranteeing your success!

Creating Awesome Products

When it comes to building digital products to sell, there are a large number of different types of product that you can create. You can make an eBook for instance, or you can make a piece of software.

One of the very best options, though, is to create video content and sell it as a course, a seminar or even a ‘documentary’. This is a great option because it immediately elevates you above all of the other dross that exists out there anyone can make an eBook but it takes some know-how to create a well-produced video. What’s more, is that a video will automatically lend itself to easily creating lots of marketing materials and is generally something that you can market very easily.

There are two types of video. Videos you appear in and videos that you do not feature in yourself. And of the two, it’s the former that is by far the better option. This is the kind of video that will look like something truly high quality and that you can really get an audience excited for. The only problem? They’re also the hardest types of video to make.

Here’s what you need to do…


Up first is the equipment you’re going to need. If you intend on making high quality videos, then, of course, you’re going to need a good, high-quality video camera in order to film those videos. This should be something that will give you 1080p recording capability (or better yet, 4K) and that will let you film at 60fps. More important still? The screen should rotate so you can see what you’re doing!

You also need a tripod and this will further help you to film yourself without hiring a team. You’re going to want lighting too and a good option here is a softbox. In many cases, the lighting is actually more important than the camera! Good sound is likewise essential, so get a lav mic that you can use.

Editing and Presentation

Also highly important, is that you have great presentation skills so you come across as a professional sounding individual and so that the video will be engaging.

Best Craft Pilsners to try out today

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